Chaplaincy Support Group:
Members, volunteers and men from William Head Institution come together weekly for support, guidance and spirituality.

Community In-Reach:
Interviews of prospective residents at the Society�s Community Living House are conducted within correctional institutions on a regular basis. The work entails case management, conflict resolution and release planning.

Restorative Justice:
Members actively support the Restorative Justice Coalition which has been meeting weekly at William Head Institution since 1998.

Freedom Project Canada:
Freedom Project Canada is an official affiliate of Laren Society. The project provides a Nonviolent Communication Toolkit for Facilitators and addresses the healing of relationships ruptured by violence and the forging of community founded on genuine safety through connection.

Nonviolent Communication:
Members meet weekly with men at William Head Institution to share experiences, practise mindfulness meditation, role play, empathy cards and floor maps. The program is designed to focus on self-empathy, empathy and honest self-expression.

Citizen Escorts:
Trained members transport men whom have earned a Citizen Escorted Temporary Absence Program from their case management team to and from the community for reasons of social engagement, programming, health and spirituality.

In-House Personal Development Reintegration Program:
On the first and third Monday of every month perspective residents, house residents, staff team and house Parole Officer meet in an atmosphere of community to share in an evening meal and participate in a group meeting.

Community Mentoring Program:
The Laren Society supports the Correctional Service of Canada�s Vancouver Island Community Corrections Community Adult Mentoring and Support (CAMS) program. This program matches community mentors with a federal inmate transitioning to a community sentence. The Laren Society supports mentors whose CAMS partners reside at the Society�s Community Living House.

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