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The Laren Society: Journey from Inside Out is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to meeting the challenges for effective communities since 1974. Our membership works within the criminal justice system supporting men transitioning to a responsible life in the community. Based in Victoria, British Columbia, the Laren Society works closely with organizations such as the Correctional Service of Canada, The British Columbia Ministry of Justice and Attorney General, the British Columbia Yukon Halfway House Association, and Freedom Project Canada.

In pursuit of our mission we offer:

Through these services and harm reduction strategies, we increase the well-being of people in our care and enhance public safety.

We value a culture of inclusion, empowerment, mutual respect and honesty. We believe that social connections are the essence of strong families, effective communities and productive citizenship.

The foundation upon which we have built our success is in the strength of relationships based on support, acceptance and commitment. Positive relationships make the transition meaningful and are the fabric which most directly affects the healing process in a man's return to the community. The feelings of having a voice, being included and accepted by members of the community empower one to make positive personal and social changes in their lives.

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Laren Society:
Journey from Inside Out

138 Dallas Road,
Victoria, BC, V8V 1A3

Tel. 250.381.7949
Fax. 250 381-5661

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